Education & Experience


I worked as a Software Engineer, Staff Engineer and Principal Engineer for various companies of different sizes. Some of them have been as small as a handful of people, others have been as big as 15k people. I have seen companies grow from cozy 35 to 1000 employees. I have experience in the education, finance as well as build and design domains. Some of the companies I worked for are Babbel, Solaris and Autodesk.

I worked on "old-school" monoliths and "fancy" microservice architectures with Kubernetes and AWS Lambda. My focus has been mostly around backend development in Ruby, Go and Node.js as well as system design. A major part of my work has been designing and implementing APIs (REST & GraphQL) and background as well as data processing. I learned a lot about highly available systems as well as observability with metrics, alarms, dashboards and logs. I worked with different SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, Postgres, Redis and DynamoDB. I have used the AWS Cloud in recent years.

Since 2017 I have gained lots of experience in leading teams of 5 to 15 members. During that time I picked up knowledge in the areas of leading, mentoring and sponsoring others. I had an impact on people around me that were promoted from Junior Engineers to Senior and Staff Engineers.

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I hold a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Media) and Master of Science (Computer Science).

Master's Thesis

My Master's Thesis is called "Social Network Discovery based on User Location Analysis".

In this thesis the spatial social context of individuals based on their location data was explored. Additionally, metrics to measure the spatial similarity between individuals were defined. Then, a Social Network which is based on the individuals’ location data and pictures the spatial similarity between them was constructed. Finally, an evaluation of the Social Network was made by applying metrics of Social Network Analysis.

Bachelor's Thesis

My Bachelor's Thesis is called "Messung der Sprachqualität von VoIP-Verbindungen".

In this thesis an introduction to the technology of VoIP was given. Furthermore, the basics for understanding quality in the context of VoIP were explained. Additionally, a server-side application for collecting objective and subjective quality data of VoIP connections for devices of the manufacturer Aastra DeTeWe was developed in Java.