A Brief About Me

Hi, I am a software engineer

As a software engineer I like clean and well tested code. Additionally, I prefer taking the time to refactor things before problems occur.

As a Tech Lead I believe that giving people trust to take the right decisions and ownership of what they build is the key factor to success. Failure is not a flaw but part of how we work. Learn from it an move on. I strive for transparency and autonomy within teams.

I think that giving back to the community is essential.

I relish learning new technologies and approaches as long as I see a deeper reason behind learning them.

I believe that agile methodologies done right are a recipe for success and fun.

I am adaptable. I am used to work in a team as well as on my own.

I prefer working in small, cross-functional teams supported by a lean working process.

I am a conscientious and very well structured working person.

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Name Sebastian Oelke